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Fave Raves

We love to share what “the word on the street” is on Divaz Fabula.  We’re so lucky to be blessed with our wonderful & beautiful clients!


Yelp Reviews!

Mary W.
Pflugerville, TX


I had been using the same makeup techniques and products for years and was interested in updating what I was doing, especially my eye makeup.  Thelma and Sandy were friendly, fun, and laid-back .  They developed a Mature Women’s makeup course for some friends and I that focused on our needs.

Before our session, we were asked about what our makeup concerns were, and then we were sent some articles and video links to give us some ideas.  We arrived with clean faces and were led through an easy to follow makeup routine.  We were able to try different products and color variations to find the ones that worked best for us individually.  There was absolutely no pressure to use certain products or product lines.  We were also encouraged to call back if we had any further questions or needed clarification.

In addition, I have seen several beautiful pictures of high school seniors, prom pictures, and wedding photos in which Divaz Fabula did the hair and makeup.  Gorgeous, but very natural looking!

I would highly recommend Divaz Fabula for any makeup advice, to update your makeup routine, or to have your hair and makeup done for a special occasion.


Photo of john g.  john g.   Austin, TX



My wife really liked her when she used her to do her wedding makeup.

I was also happy with how well it turned out. I’m not a huge fan of makeup, because many times it looks as if the person wearing it had crayons do an orgy on their face. IE way too much make up.

I was very relieved when the makeup looked great and natural. And she looked stunning.



October 18 2012

Lauren Trompler Warren ” I couldn’t have booked a more talented group of women. I think we did a total of 3 looks and they were all equally PHENOMENAL. Not only did u make me look my best, but you made me feel special and were wonderful friends along the way. I honestly can’t thank you enough :)”


  Robie Helmposted toThelma Sifuentez

December 1, 2012

“Thelma, just wanted to thank you for everything on my wedding day! :)  Everyone loved your work and your team!  You guys were so fun to be around… even if it was so early in the morning!!!”